A Namgi Zine

Re-spect: A Namgi Zine is a for-profit zine about anniversaries and milestones, be it big events or little memories.

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Idea Pitches

July 07, 11:59 PM KST

    Check-in 1

    July 31, 11:59 PM KST

      Check-in 2

      August 28, 11:59 PM KST

        Check-in 3

        September 25, 11:59 PM KST

          Final Submission

          October 23, 11:59 PM KST


            Re-spect: A Namgi Zine is an upcoming scrapbook zine about anniversaries and milestones, be it big events or little memories — from their tenth anniversary of living together to the first time they ate at a fast food restaurant at 3am.A line in Namgi's duet Respect reads:
            "Re-spect 말 그대로 보고 자꾸 보는 거".
            This translates to:"Re-spect, like the word itself, it's to look and look again". This line references the word's etymology of "re" (again) and "spectare" (to look at).Our zine's concept focuses on memories Namgi have made in the many years of their relationship (canon or otherwise), memories we will create in this scrapbook-esque zine to fondly look back on.

            translation/notes credit: @doolsetbangtan

            Check our FAQ for the specifications of Re-spect.


            The zine operates in KST

            Interest Check OpenMay 1
            Intern Apps OpenMay 8
            Intern Apps CloseMay 16
            Interest Check CloseMay 22
            Contributor Applications OpenMay 29
            Contributor Applications CloseJun 17
            Idea Pitches DeadlineJul 07
            Check-in 1Jul 31
            Check-in 2Aug 28
            Check-in 3Sep 25
            Final DeadlineOct 23
            Pre-orders OpenNov 13
            Pre-orders CloseDec 25

            About the Zine

            What is a zine?
            - A zine is a fanmade booklet/magazine filled with artworks and/or writing around a particular subject or theme. It usually comes with merchandise alongside the booklet, both of which may be digital and/or physical.
            What are the specifications of this zine?
            - This zine will be 8x8 inches, wiro bound. The physical merchandise available will be prints, sticker sheets, and photocards as well as a washi tape and enamel pin if the stretch goals are met. The zine will also be available as a digital PDF; other digital merch is still tentative and to be decided.
            What does for-profit mean?
            - For-profit means that all profits earned from the zine's sales will be equally distributed between contributors and mods. The profit portions of minors (ages 17 and under) and contributors/mods who would like to decline their profits will either be added to the profit pool or donated to charity.
            What charity will the profits be donated to?
            - Re-spect is a for-profit project but should we decide to donate profits to a charity, the specific charity is yet to be decided but it would be an LGBTQ+-focused one.
            How much will the zine/bundles be?
            - This has yet to be decided. We will release prices nearer to or at the start of our preorder period.

            Content of the Zine

            What is the theme of the zine and how will its content be formatted?
            - The zine focuses on both small and big memories, but specifically milestones (e.g. first times) and anniversaries.
            - The zine will be formatted to look like a scrapbook! Check here for references.
            Do pieces have to be romantic depictions?
            - Nope! They are allowed, but pieces that are platonic or queerplatonic in nature are very welcome.
            Is NSFW allowed?
            - No. This is a SFW zine.


            How many contributors will you be accepting?
            - We will tentatively be accepting 22 page ("photo") artists, 2 collage artists, 4 merch designers, and 8 writers.
            - These numbers do NOT include mods and guests. These are the numbers we will be accepting from applications.
            Why is your contributor count so low?
            - We would like to keep this zine relatively small so it will be more affordable for our customers, we will have higher likelihood of providing free full bundles for all of our contributors, and we will be able to maximize profits (whether to charity or to contributors). We hope you understand.
            What kinds of pieces can artists make?
            - Accepted artists may do either or both of the following: an illustration almost the size of the zine (max 1 per artist) or smaller illustrations that may be any of the specified orientations.
            What's the word count range for writers?
            - Accepted writers will be creating pieces that are within 1,000 - 2,000 words.
            If I get accepted, can I submit an old work as my zine piece?
            - No, we need your piece to be new and made for the zine. However, you are allowed to use existing WIPs and finish them for the zine as long as it has not been made public yet.

            Have an unanswered question?

            Please check the compilation of our CuriousCat answers here if it has already been asked!Didn't find it there?
            Go ahead and send your question to our CuriousCat!

            CC Answers

            We will add here the questions that are important, not yet found in this Carrd, and our answer to it is not outdated!

            About the Zine

            - Are the mods deciding on the charity or will contributors be able to choose as well?
            Mods will be shortlisting a few charities we'd like to donate to then accepted contributors will vote for the one we'll proceed with :]
            - Why aren’t minors allowed a compensation?
            Unfortunately, there are a number of legal factors that prohibit us from compensating minors, particularly child labor laws, which vary per state and by country. In situations where it would be legally possible, such as if a minor were to receive their payment by gaining permission from their parent or guardian, having us send compensation to their responsible adult also hosts its own variety of complications in the question of verifying permission and identifying information. Our priority is to maintain your confidential information (e.g., by avoiding putting minors in a position where they would be required to provide proof of identification to an internet stranger) and to avoid legal conflicts for all parties.

            Lovely Messages ♡

            - Thank you guys so much for doing this. ive been waiting a long time for a namgi centred zine
            Thank you for your support 🥺 !! I (the head mod 🌨) have been very eager to make one as well and am super excited to start it with a very sexc team :D We'll have to wait a bit longer though since we won't officially start till next year but this Namgi zine will definitely happen :] (🌨)
            - this zine theme is so cool and your design / art is soo joyful! it's right up my street :D I adore the mods and namgi obviously and thus am considering (but my stuff is so angsty), but mostly I'm just dropping by to say Fighting! Much luck and love for the project, I hope you have lots and lots of fun and success, also, I think it's a good idea that it's kept a bit smaller than usual zines for the mentioned reasons!! Just sending good vibes and support!! Respect to you <3<3<3<3
            Thank you so much!!! 🥺 💖 Your support means a lot to us 🥺 🥺 😭 We're working hard to make this project fun and successful so we hope everyone looks forward to this as much as we do :D <3 (Also shoutout to our amazing graphics mod Gaj [@/gaii_june] for creating the art/graphics that fit the theme so well!!! 💞 ) (🌨)
            AAAA HI THANK YOU SO MUCH 🥺 💖 💖 💖 💖 We're very excited as well :D <33 (🌨)
            - I just wanted to say Dianna is one of my fave fest mods ever and it makes me so happy to see they'll be involved with this. 😇Thank you all for creating this for us NamGi lovers. 💜
            Thank you so much TT^TT, I'm so happy you've had good experiences with my fests! And I'm super honored to have been invited to work with such a wonderful team, I hope you'll continue to support us in loving namgi 🥺💜 (🍊)
            - Hii!! Not a question but i just want to say im so excited for this zine, i have the notifs on n everything, i cant wait to apply,, i LOVEEE the concept n the art n vibe, n im in love with mod gaj, good luck and i wish all the mods a vvv good day pls stay healthy ily xxx
            Eeek omg tysm tysm ahhhh >< Pleek this just made my day ;; Holds ur hand gently (🌌)
            Wahhh thank you so much for your interest and support 🥺🥺🥺💞💞💞 Please have a good day and stay healthy as well :] !!! And so true, everyone in the mod team is also in love with mod gaj 😌🤝😌 (🌨)- I LOVE YOU NAMGI ZINE MODS <333
            We love u too uwu <3

            Birdie 🥀


            I'm a fan artist and domestic Namgi enthusiast! (o^▽^o)Roles: Finance, Production, Shipping
            Experience: 20 zines as an artist, and 10 as a mod; COUTURE (lead), Gateway to You (art & Discord), God of Little Things (finance, production, & shipping), soop (co-lead). See my other zines here!

            Cara 🥂


            I just have a lot of RESPECT for Namgi, if you know what I mean ♡Roles: Writing, Social Media
            Experience: 30 zines, including Opulence (writing & shipping), Gateway to You (multi), you = me (multi), and soop (production). Check out all my work here!

            Dianna 🍊


            Loving Namgi is my magnum opus and I cannot be stopped and I cannot dieRoles: Writing, Social Media
            Experience: I've participated in 13 zines as a writer and I've been the head mod for 7 writing fests/exchanges, most notably the yearly namgi fic fest!! :>

            Gaj 🌌


            Respect thinkerRoles: Art, Graphics
            Experience (As a contributor) COUTURE, Gateway to You, 2! 3!, fruit salad yummy yummy

            Teddy 🐀


            Feeling like nam in this gi ahaha...Roles: Art, Communications
            Experience: I've stewed in the soop (soop), slept in the dream (Dreamcore), bowed down to the king (King of Hearts), and counted my sorrows away (2! 3!)

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